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Preference #74: Morning After

Notes: Hello everyone! Hope you guys like this cheeky one. Not really sure if I like how it came out to be honest, but hopefully you guys enjoy it! Sorry about Louis’ being so short compared to the other boys! lol Feedback would be lovely!! Enjoy <3 :D

Harry: A gentle yet ticklish trail of kisses made their way from your collarbones to your lips, causing you to smile as you began to wake up. You flickered your eyes open and instantly gazed upon Harry, the strands of sweaty hair that had been clinging to his skin the night before were now magically back to normal, looking as great as they did during the day. "How do you do that?" you spoke as he lovingly pulled your almost naked body to his, rubbing you back softly with his hand as his plump lips pressed themselves to your forehead. “How do I do what?” he chuckled, a smirk beginning to form on his mouth. “How do you look so perfect….your hair should at least be out of place from last night, don’t you think?” you giggled, watching as he ran his hand through his hair a few times to mess it up. "Better?" he questioned, cheekily raising his eyebrows up at you as you nodded your head happily. You snuggled up closer to his warm body, his toned chest pressed against you, “you must be starving after last night right?” he asked while looking down at you. "What’s that supposed to mean?" you laughed. “Well we worked up a sweat didn’t we? I mean I could eat a massive breakfast right now….or I could eat something else….” he spoke cheekily, trailing the pads of his fingers down to the black lace thong you had put on before falling asleep, hooking his fingers around it as you attempted to pull his hand away. "Harry, stop!" you chuckled, blushing as he removed his hand and placed it on your cheek instead, smiling as he pressed his lips to yours. "Okay fine," he jokingly complained, “do you want some breakfast though? I can make us something,” he smirked while placing a few stray strands of your hair behind your ear. “Yea, sounds great,” you replied as he trailed his hand down your back once more before he got up and out of bed, hIs black calvin kleins perfectly snug around his hips. “Gonna help?” he questioned while walking toward the bedroom door, flipping his hair around until he was happy with it. “I’ll be down in a minute,” you smiled, sitting up with the white comforter covering your bare chest. “Okay, but don’t be afraid to come down as you are,” he smirked. “In your dreams babe, I’m not walking downstairs without a shirt on,” you laughed as he left the room, quickly throwing one of his t-shirts on that you found on the floor to join him. 

Zayn: You softly traced the tattoos that swirled upon his chest until a groan escaped his lips, “babe it’s the afternoon, time to get up,” you chuckled while picking your head up off his chest to press your lips to his cheek. "I’m tired though," he complained, wrapping an arm around your back. You sighed as you placed your head back down to his chest, deciding to let him rest just a tiny bit more. “You know what I was just thinking,” he spoke suddenly. “Huh?” you questioned, turning your head up to look at him. “When you scream my name….it’s the sexiest thing ever,” he whispered as he lowered his lips to your ear. Your cheeks instantly went red as your eyes widened, “wow, now I’m extremely embarrassed….” you spoke as you sat up as rested your back against the head board. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he laughed, "it’s hot." he smirked as he pulled you close to him again. "It makes me want you even more," he muttered while pressing his lips to yours. His hand lifted up to your cheek as yours went around his neck, pulling at a few strands of his hair as the kiss deepened and became more and more passionate. You quickly straddled his legs as your lips remained to his, his hands trailing up your sides underneath the large gray t-shirt you were wearing, “Are we really about to fuck again?” you laughed into a kiss. "Again and again and again…" he smirked cheekily while removing the cotton material that had been covering what he wanted to see. "Don’t hold back when you wanna scream my name," he spoke as your hands slowly grazed down his chest until they met the white band of the boxers he was wearing. "Don’t worry," you smiled as you stared into his lust-filled eyes, swiftly pulling down his boxers as his lips crashed to yours once more.

Liam: Your eyes flickered open as a stream of light coming through the blind covered windows before you grazed your face. “Good morning babe,” Liam smiled, instantly pulling you into him, “sleep good?” You nodded your head, “yea, I slept great…..last night was amazing,” you smiled, blushing as you thought back to the nights activites. “Couldn’t agree more,” he muttered while sliding his hand down your bare side, causing goosebumps to arise at his touch. “You’re beautiful (Y/N),” he smirked, moving around so his forehead was now placed upon yours. Your cheeks gradually became warmer at his words, “you’re beautiful too babe, ” you smiled while resting your hand upon his chest. His lips pressed themselves to yours, his slight stubble tickling your skin as he pulled away, “I have to get ready to leave in a bit,” he spoke while pouting out his bottom lip, causing you to chuckle. “Are you coming to watch the concert tonight?” he questioned as he lifted his hand up and brought it to your blushed cheek, rubbing small circles with his thumb. “Of course,” you replied. “Well…..I’m just sayin’…..if we showered together….we could have some time to maybe go grab some breakfast beforehand…” he chuckled, trailing the pads of his fingers down your arm until he was able to interlock his fingers with yours. "Oh really now?" you smirked, “I’ll do anything for some breakfast,” you spoke excitedly. “Anything?” he cheekily grinned, raising his eyebrows at you. "Anything…." you repeated softly. “Well I guess we should get in that shower then!” he spoke loudly, quickly pulling you out of bed with him and to the brightly lit bathroom where the shower awaited you two. 

Niall: You groggily woke up, attempting to rub the sleep out of your eyes as you realized you and Niall fell asleep on the couch last night. You slowly untangled yourself from his sleepy grasp and threw on the t-shirt you had been wearing the night before; before things had got heated and both of your clothes ended up in a pile on the floor. You looked back at your sleeping boyfriend, his chest slowly rising and falling as you walked off to the kitchen. You pulled out all the ingredients to make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around your waist, "make me one too?" he questioned sleepily as he softly kissed the side of your face. “Of course babe,” you smiled as you pulled out two more pieces of bread. He leaned against the counter next to you, wearing only the white boxer-briefs he had put on, running his hands through his messy sex hair. “We’re never sleepin’ on that couch again,” he complained while stretching out his back. “I know, my neck is killing me,” you whined. He quickly stood behind you again, his hands attaching themselves to your neck, "better?" he murmured in your ear after a soft kiss on your nape, causing chills to run down your spine as you nodded your head thankfully. He leaned against the counter once more, “you should wear this more often,” he grinned, his hand slipping underneath your shirt and resting on your bare back. You bit your bottom lip nervously as you turned to him, "just a t-shirt and knickers?" you muttered. "Or less…" he smirked cheekily, pulling you into his chest and kissing your lips. You slowly moved your hands down to his boxers, hooking a finger around the elastic band as you gazed into his lustful eyes. You smirked as you removed your hand and grabbed your finished sandwich, “sorry babe, after last night I’m starved.” "Are ya’ kiddin’ me?!" he shouted while watching you leave the kitchen, soon grabbing his sandwich as well and following you off to the living room. 

Louis: "Last night was pretty good," he smirked as he kissed the top of your head lightly. "Yea I’d say….I hope we didn’t disturb the neighbors,” you chuckled, running your hand along his new chest tattoo. “Who gives a fuck, the louder the better right?” he laughed before lightly trailing his hand down your back and locking eyes with you. “I’ll be right back alright?” he spoke as he got out of bed and found a pair of boxers to cover himself up. “Stay there beautiful,” he smiled as he walked out the bedroom door, his quick footsteps could soon be heard walking down the staircase. A few minutes later he returned, two mugs of hot tea in his hands for the both of you, “thought you’d like some tea before we start the day,” he spoke sweetly, setting your cup down on your bedside table. “Thanks babe,” you smiled as he threw you one of his shirts to wear. You quickly slipped it on and sat up, grabbing the cup of hot tea to take a sip.  He jumped in bed again, scooting himself close to you as he grabbed his mug as well, "nothin’ better than this," he smirked, leaning over to place his lips upon yours. 

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